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About Us

Located in downtown Halifax, Port to Port Immigration Services works across several sectors in the Atlantic region. The director, Marilyn Clark is a regulated immigration consultant and a designated recruiter of foreign workers.


Port to Port’s multicultural team bring expertise in human resources, management, law, and education. Passionate and hardworking, the Port to Port immigration team will go above and beyond to help their employers and workers succeed. The staff is always available for any support you may need.


Consultants réglementés en immigration canadienne

Nous sommes là pour aider les personnes, les familles et les employeurs à naviguer dans le système d’immigration canadien, plus particulièrement dans la région du Canada atlantique.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

In most cases, obtaining a work permit for Canada isn’t easy because employers must firstly prove that there are no qualified Canadians that are willing, ready, and able to work the proposed position.
The rigorous qualifying process is referred to as a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. The LMIA is part of a larger exercise whereby employers must advertise in several sources, fill out an application, submit corresponding fees, and allow service Canada to decide whether hiring foreign workers is justified.


Port To Port Immigration Services will handle the entire process for you. We post your job ads, screen your applicants and submit applications on your behalf. Our LMIA approval rates are nearing 100%


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project was created with the intention to attract skilled workers to Atlantic Canada. The program is employer driven and its objective is to match job seekers with employment opportunities throughout the four Atlantic Provinces.


In principle, a candidate is eligible for residency if they have the following minimum requirements including, highschool education, an official English test score, and a minimum of one year work experience.


In practice, obtaining education, language and job experience within a candidate is a difficult combination. Port To Port Immigration Service will screen applicants for experience, and all the requirements needed for Canadian residency


Provincial Nomination

Generally, immigration is the responsibility of the federal government. As an exception to that rule, Provincial nomination gives. Provinces and local employers the ability to attract candidates wanting to settle in a particular region. Depending on the occupation applicants can apply directly to the province, or get support from an employer by obtaining a job offer. To improve employee retention, Provincial Nomination is a great way to transition temporary foreign workers(TFW) into permanent residents.


International Recruitment

Port To Port Immigration service has an international team with the ability to recruit globally. Our international partners generate excellent candidates in every industry.


We have global recruitment capacities to help you find people with the skills you need today, whether it be general labour for food production, or highly skilled IT workers. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Port To Port immigration Services has provided essential workers for a variety of fields including health care, transportation, and construction. To receive a free, non obligatory HR/Immigration consultation, book below.


635 St Margarets Bay Rd
Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada


Phone : 1-506-380-8407

Email : info@ptpimmigration.com

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